Monday, October 22, 2012

Updated feature list

I only managed to rewrite the feature list tonight, but it means that another page is done which makes me very happy indeed.

Feature list

An adventure like no other
Meet Otis and Fawn; two unlikely heroes on a personal quest of interplanetary magnitude.
Enjoy charming, one-of-a-kind graphics and a whimsical world that encourages interaction and exploration beyond the game objectives alone.

Love is all
Experience unique gameplay mechanics centred around the game’s core theme: love!
Use hugs to affect the environment in a positive way and discover secrets.

A darker side of cute
Separate the two characters to see a gloomy, more sinister side of the world. Different characters, objects and puzzles are revealed this way, but Otis and Fawn can’t remain apart for too long without fading away...

Here's the current spread:

I think it could look quite nice printed. We'll see!

Up next is the characters page, which might involve a picture of Otis and Fawn having picnic on a hill...

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