Thursday, October 18, 2012

The ocean's gone...

Right, I'm doing this properly. I keep starting little drawings without finishing them so I'm doing the images for this doc in order, page by page like an adult. >:(

Here's the to-do list: 

Fawn trying to go for a swim 

Game overview:
Togetherness mechanics 1 & 2 

Feature list:
No image 

The game:

Otis and Fawn drinking tea/having a picnic
Upside-down fox! 

Click to move
Click object

Business model
Merchandise, stuffed toys 

Front cover
Back cover

Here's the sketch for the "Story" page:

Illustrator progress:

Still quite a way to go... Need to sort out her arms! It's really hard to keep the charm from the first sketch all the way through Illustrator...

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