Sunday, October 7, 2012

ADORE: the story!

Since popping up to Preston for some feedback and direction I have been mulling over the idea of Adore for far too long. It's beginning to solidify, however, and today I finished most of the writing for the pitch document. I'd like to think that it could be pretty damn awesome and sweet.

I'll post the story and game overview here to begin with, and then I'll follow it up with the finished pages as I go along.

WARNING! Wall of text follows:

Odd things have been happening lately. 

Last week Otis and Fawn went for a daytrip to the seaside, but when they got there the ocean was gone. Left behind was nothing but a muddy seabed and a few confused crabs. A few days later they went stargazing but they couldn't find the moon, only a gaping black hole where it should have been. The stars didn't twinkle like they used to.

It's much colder than it should be at this time of year. Mist covers the ground like a chilly blanket. The flowers in the woods where Fawn and Otis live are wilting already, but autumn is months away. Little patches of darkness have appeared throughout the forest. They frighten the creatures who live there, who won't go near the shadows. The woods seem strangely silent.

It's almost as if the world was filled with a  great sadness. 

But Otis and Fawn have a camping trip planned, and if the weather doesn't improve they will have to cancel it. Unwilling to risk another holiday, they decide to find out what is going on. Where has the moon and ocean gone? Why have the shadows appeared? And why is it so cold and quiet? 

Game overview 
ADORE is a point and click adventure game for PC, Mac and tablet devices that brings two unlikely adventurers on a journey from their home in the forest to the big city in the north, and all the way to outer space. Explore the environment, collect and combine items and solve puzzles to figure out what lies behind the odd, recent events. 

Togetherness mechanics 
The game features a dynamic world that changes depending on whether or not the characters are near each other. If they are close the environment looks friendly, and the two characters can hug each other and affect the world in a positive way. Spreading love this way makes flowers bloom, little creatures emerge and shadow areas disappear. 

However, if Otis and Fawn ever become separated the world becomes dark and threatening. Different items, characters and places become visible, but Fawn and Otis can't stay in this dark reality for too long without fading away...

Hope that makes sense. I'm not sure if I could prototype the whole world-changing mechanic... We'll have to see how well I get on with Unity. A simple little point-and-click level with two characters should be possible though. Hahaha, I say that now... Gahh.


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