Sunday, October 14, 2012

Togetherness mechanic

I've been noodling away at some drawings to illustrate the game's key mechanic during the weekend.

If the two characters are close together the world is nice and friendly. Fawn and Otis can hug each other to spread love and make the environment even lovelier. 

Photoshop sketch:

Wasn't happy with this. It looked too messy for what I wanted in the pitch doc... I love the sketchiness but it clashed against the neat vector backdrop, and it didn't look as polished as I wanted.

Illustrator and a paper texture came to the rescue:


If the characters become separated in the game the world turns dark and sinister. Different objects and characters are then available to interact with, but Otis and Fawn can't stay apart for too long.

Photoshop sketch:

To Illustrator:

I still need to add some kind of object or character in the environment that changes between the two images, but the base is there.

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