Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Page layout woes

I've been noodling away at the text layout for the pitch document:

It's REALLY annoying me. I want a page spread with the game characters, so I've had to shuffle some things around and squish other things together. Not happy. "The game"? I'm not even sure what I meant with that heading - I only added it as padding. I guess a screenshot or something. Bahh... Giving it another go tomorrow.

Right now it's looking like an eight page document, plus front and back covers.

I also did a sketch of what was going to be the page background but ended up a little bit too busy. I haven't drawn properly in Photoshop for ages... Planning to re-draw it properly in Illustrator and either simplify it so it works as a document backdrop or use it as a back cover.

Sleepies now!

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