Monday, April 8, 2013


I think I finally have a decent, working camera solution! Hooray! Very happy. I'm going to play around with it a bit more to make it super-perfect, but the groundwork and transitions are there.

Click here to play in the browser.

Click here to download the executable.

Other new things:

A startup flow!
At the moment it just shows the title and transitions to the default game camera, but the flow is there which means I can add things like tutorial images.

I've modelled and textured the dynamite, key, candle and lantern.

Found a cute background track by Kevin MacLeod. I think it works quite well.

HUGE performance fixes!
This has been such a massive, boring timesink... But the game now runs A LOT smoother on low-end machines thanks to greatly reduced polycounts, better material setups, cheaper water, fewer lights and other things. I've also redone the pathfinding setup to be based on invisible meshes rather than materials.

Items can now be combined!
And by "items" I mean "the candle and lantern".

New background!
I tried to make my own skybox, but it ended up looking absolutely terrible, so I gave up and just used a single background plane instead. With the new camera system you don't see much of the sky anyway, so it's not a big deal.

New selection method!
You can now click each character directly to select them.

Next up:
I need to model a gate and some candle holders, and, you know, make the game playable. I want to get it to a state where it can be tested as soon as possible, as I really want to do at least one usability test with at least one person before the deadline. But now that the cameras don't block the gameplay I can steam ahead like a boss...