Saturday, January 26, 2013

Level functionality list

...can be found here! I've also started writing the asset list in the same document, but it's not quite finished yet. Hoping to have it done by tomorrow. At this point I would like to highlight the fact that all functionality has a much, much higher priority than the art assets... Once (or should I say "if") I get everything up and running I will pretty things up as much as I can, but ultimately I want to focus on building things.

I'm going to use Unity for this project because I'm dying to learn it, there's a ton of resources out there and because it should be flexible enough to handle the functionality I'm after. As soon as the asset list is done and everything is set up in Hansoft (which is working great, by the way) I'm off on a great big prototype adventure! Yaaaaay...! I haven't built anything in FOREVER so this will be so much fun!

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