Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pony Loves Cake!

My third idea has all the things I love in life: ponies, cake and simple game mechanics.

I've always liked the thought of doing an endless runner as an exercise, because (at least, in my head) you get to focus on perfecting the feel of the game rather than worrying about story and characters and endless art requirements.

Another aim of this particular game idea was to depict it using as few words as possible. So, let's see how that worked out. Here's the first sketch:

Fairly straightforward, right? Pony moves automatically, you move the clouds to keep the pony bouncing. Eat cupcakes to stay fat (because, naturally, skinny ponies can't bounce), and pick up wings as an extra life in case you fall. The speed increases as you progress.

To Illustrator:

I learned A LOT about Illustrator as I was making this! Particularly merging objects and offsetting paths, which was always a great mystery to me before. I also had some fun with colour schemes and fonts. Plus I got to draw this, which was just awesome:

As I was working on this in the office I had a massive drawing of a fat pony on one screen and on my other monitor the test phrase "PONY LOVES CAKE" was written in caps all over My design manager walked past me, laughed and said "Wow, you're really in your element now, aren't you?" Why, I am indeed!

Here's the finished image:

Next up is a familiar pair, and my very last game idea for this project. Stay tuned!

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