Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Click to move... sounds so simple, right?

Well, it isn't. First of all I've spent way too long just getting the ground mesh in and working - importing the curves from Illustrator looked awesomely easy but resulted in insanely messy meshes. Once I got the meshes looking kind of alright the scale from Maya to Unity was all messed up AND THEN I realised that the level design wasn't built for screen proportions in the first place so I had to go back to Illustrator to stretch out the level paths and start all over again.

Oh. Dear.

Anyway. I got there in the end. 
As for the actual click-to-move mechanic - which sounds so simple - I'm a little bit stuck but looking into a bunch of options. Who knew that making a massive level with a million tunnels could prove complex when there isn't any pathfinding or navmesh functionality in the free version of Unity? Pfft. One option is to use splines, one is to use free plugins for pathfinding, another is to try to hack together a mix of both combined with some scripting and/or state machines. I'll carry on tomorrow now that I have the actual ground mesh working and after I get some rest... Blargh!

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  1. I wouldn't use illustrator paths for building your curves and importing into Maya. It's really easy to use the curve tool in Maya itself and simply trace around an imported 2D plan. I can show you how to loft or extrude curves. When are you over next...or in the meantime..see:

    Neither are exactly what you are doing, but a similar principle. I can look at it with you next time you visit if that would be helpful?