Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finished! ...allllmost

I am very happy to announce that, apart from one teeny tiny pesky bug, my prototype is done! I've spent the weekend adding sound effects, tweaking the particle effects, tightening up the collision and generally fixing little bits and bobs. Oh, and the characters have faces now!

Here's the (almost) finished build!

Click here for a browser version. The UI looks weird in all browser builds; I genuinely dislike (or just don't understand) how Unity handles GUI textures for different resolutions. The web version of the game might also look quite horrendous, so I don't really recommend running it in a browser at all.

Speaking of GUI textures... The one remaining issue has to do with the backgrounds for the hints; they're all fine when the game runs in 1600x900, but when the resolution is decreased they shrink and no longer match the text. I'll have to have a look at it tomorrow.

So apart from that pesky lil' bug I am pretty happy to call myself finished with this demo. It plays well, it looks all right and it's pretty close to the original level design. It would have been epic to get the hug mechanic in, to have custom audio and lots of animations... But I'm only human, and as a design portfolio piece I think it's pretty sweet.

I'll post the super-final build once it's done, and I'm also working on a post that goes through all the things that have inspired me and influenced this project. Aaand then there's the expanded prototype dev diary that I want to write. And then I need to tidy up all the folders I'm submitting. And then, I think, I'm done.

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