Monday, March 11, 2013

Introducing web builds - hooray!

I've figured out how to get web builds working using Dropbox! This makes it a lot easier to have a quick look at the state of the game. As long as the Unity web plugin (not the editor) is installed it should just run in the browser.

Having said this, the game is not made for browsers. It will run and look a lot worse in a browser than as a standalone application, especially if the computer isn't particularly brilliant. So while the web builds will be good for quick overviews, I'd really recommend downloading and extracting the archived builds for any "real" reviews.

I have a brand new build to show, too! In this I've added some placeholder objects to the scene. Simply click to pick them up and add them to the inventory. The items can be dragged around in the inventory, but combining two items doesn't work yet. The items can't be used in any way either, but it's getting there. This is just a little WIP build to show a bit of progress.

Click here for a web version of the build.

Click here to download the build as a zip file.

I - obviously - need to make it possible to combine items and to use items in the scene. I also need to figure out a camera solution; I'm leaning towards using one zoomed-in follow camera for each character and a zoomed-out scene view toggle. Since the current camera setup would make the game impossible to complete (the lights along the bottom of the scene can't be seen or used) I'll need to tackle that before I carry on with the items and inventory.

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